Prof. Dennis P Paul

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We transfer physical systems into virtual ones. But what happens if this process is turned the other way around? Aerosol […]


Post-war Germany has a deep and complicated relationship with privacy, which can be even further noticed in online behaviors. One’s […]

Die Glaubensmaschine

‘Die Glaubensmaschine’ (‘The Faith Machine’) visualises a transfer of rituals and beliefs by means of a technical paraliturgy. Based upon […]


Hänsel ist ein Desillusions-Apparat. Ein aus Holz gefertigter Rucksack, dessen Innenleben aus einer Kamera, einem Einplatinen-Computer und einem Thermodirektdrucker besteht. […]

Modulares Interface

Modular Interfaces is a physical, haptic extension to multi-touch input devices. Hand-held multi-touch devices, like the iPad, are becoming more […]

City Crates

Visualisierung stadtentwicklungspolitischer Gedankenblitze. Den Rahmen der Installation gab das Unterseefestival vor, das im Mai 2013 Alternativen zur Stadtplanung der Bremer […]


The DF-I consists of 4 stepper motors, 4 piezopick-ups, 1 controller unit, and some resonating body. The name DF-I can […]