Semester Projects

Turn off the Moon

“Turn off the Moon” is a temporary interactive installation that centers on one streetlamp near the entrance to Waller Park […]


RAYARRAY is a kinetic light installation that reflects emergent collective agency by exploring generative choreographies. It is fully modular and […]


Leksi Mish · README Inspired by Brandon LaBelle’s _Sonic Agency_ (2018), I wanted to make a sound installation that explores […]


M is a video essay composed of 3d animation and found images, Zheng uses porn as a practise of critiquing […]


The descriptions of the world at present is manifested in narrative and written forms where human beings play the role […]

Zwei Jahre Chaos

„Das “Chaos Office” ist ein Container gegenüber dem Haupteingang der HfK am Speicher XI. Das “Chaos Office” gehört dabei der […]