Our Digital Media study programmes feature a unique combination of design, theory, and technology. The programme offers aspiring designers a thorough grounding in the artistic and functional application of digital media. Combining experimental and artistic elements with applied studies, the programme encourages young designers to reflect on the wider social context and repercussions of new technologies, while equipping them with the know-how to express their artistic vision.

The programme explores both the new possibilities for communication and expression created by digital media along with their cultural, social, historical and ethical contexts and repercussions. This approach places a premium on interdisciplinary work and fosters the development of design competency, technological expertise, and structured design methods. Topics such as human-machine interaction, audio-visual articulation, generative design and computer programming as a design tool are key areas of focus in a programme based on extensive project work.

An innovative learning environment ensures that our students develop into responsible designers with the expertise to contribute to the development of future technologies.Operated jointly by the University of Bremen and University of the Arts Bremen, these Bachelor’s and (international / English-language) Master’s programmes have a strong focus on artistic and academic methodology and practice.