Semester Projects

Sonidos Perdidos

[vimeo 33668414] Experimental Short about Lost Sounds. Sonidos Perdidos is an abstract Audio Video Collage. A bunch of individuals perform […]


On every fourth wall there is a clock displaying the time incessantly. Even though nobody is paying any attention towards […]

Wandern im Wissen

The installation “Wandern im Wissen” (Wandering in Knowledge) represents current inquiries and transports the information of different scientific fields visually […]

Girl Guy

The world becomes a global one. Scientists, Businessmen and Politicians are able to communicate and interact worldwide. By traveling, using […]


Music listening habits change with technology. Nowadays, one faces a dichotomy between more music getting to more people more fast, […]

Media Luna

Media Luna (Latin: half moon) Present in the context of nearness. The object is to connect two separate individuals, as […]

The Bang Theory

How might ill–designed or semi–broken objects be analyzed as to their potential to stimulate the development of new, personal and […]

HfK Imagefilm

[vimeo 39145458] HFK Bremen : Art, Music, Design, Theory Film-Impressions of the University of the Arts Bremen Bachelorproject Digital Media […]