Semester Projects


There are more than a dozen different communication situations in our daily life. The project “communication spaces” offers some optimization […]

On Dizzy Rocks

“On Dizzy Rocks” is a generative sonic poem in which language is combined with rather abstract sounds. These two components […]


Photoreductive Pixel is a modular installation based-on photosensors and LEDs arranged in an array. The amount of light falling on […]

Smells Like

We find temporary spaces in many places in our lives. We constantly seek to refuge in them. For example, while […]


Two pairs of eyes stare at each other. The one one pair that blinks or closes the eyes looses. “Starren” […]

A Messenger Map

A Messenger Map is a Visualization-Project i made at a course for Information-Visualization with the Topic “mapping you mapping me” […]

Sonidos Perdidos

[vimeo 33668414] Experimental Short about Lost Sounds. Sonidos Perdidos is an abstract Audio Video Collage. A bunch of individuals perform […]


On every fourth wall there is a clock displaying the time incessantly. Even though nobody is paying any attention towards […]

Wandern im Wissen

The installation “Wandern im Wissen” (Wandering in Knowledge) represents current inquiries and transports the information of different scientific fields visually […]