Semester Projects


SPACE+SINEW is an application to cater for digitally supported authoring of choreography. The advent of digital music, an art form […]


Tether presents a series of everyday artifacts which are re-designed to make digital information perceptible. Ever growing amounts of digital […]


We transfer physical systems into virtual ones. But what happens if this process is turned the other way around? Aerosol […]


Post-war Germany has a deep and complicated relationship with privacy, which can be even further noticed in online behaviors. One’s […]


The DF-I consists of 4 stepper motors, 4 piezopick-ups, 1 controller unit, and some resonating body. The name DF-I can […]

Metalevel Scanner

Every location that we visit offers us a diverse number of landscapes, buildings, sights and people. All these places tell […]


There are more than a dozen different communication situations in our daily life. The project “communication spaces” offers some optimization […]

On Dizzy Rocks

“On Dizzy Rocks” is a generative sonic poem in which language is combined with rather abstract sounds. These two components […]