The Poetic Machine

Machines cannot be creative, poetic or have emotions, at least not now. But if they could, how would their work be? The Poetic Machine project is a Generative Art piece that was made under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Frieder Nake. The intention of this project is to simulate how would a machine create an art piece based on the sound it hears, if it had feelings. The project was programmed in processing and uses the sound input of the ambient to create dynamic art pieces that are made in front of the viewer’s eyes.

The machine listens to voices, music, conversations, anything that can be captured with the microphone and interprets it, giving its own touch. The outcome varies strongly, sometimes because of the intensity variation of the sound, others because of the beats, every time a brand-new art piece gains life in the “hands” of the Poetic Machine. It’s drawings reminds of children’s art play, even the colours are very bright and randomly picked from it. The result is a very appealing effect that makes the viewers lose themselves into it.

More information and open source code