27 – Cube


A procedural, mutable, 3×3×3 meter sculpture made of little green particles. In a participative effort the audiance modifies and gradually destroys the sculpture. Decay becomes part of the spatial programme.


Monolithic placement. a placement in the center of a room is giving the object a monolithic status. Because of its size, unnatural shape and color, it becomes the center of attraction, gaining a special status within the room. Because of this status, the audience distances itself from it and an interaction becomes less likely. A psychological gap between audience and object occurs. Meanwhile the moment of parasitic shattering gets stressed, by placing the origin of these parasite in such an emphatic place, which becomes not only the center of a room, but a process itself.



Obstacle placement. by placing the object in the imminent way of the audience an interaction is forced. They rather try to minimize the contact forcing their way on the other side or fight the barricade actively by reforming the space to the needs of the public, i.e. getting to the other side. The parasitic process, is getting linked stronger to every single participant. The position of an observant audience gets eliminated. The shattered pieces all around are a sum of every person passing the obstacle. Every piece on the floor could be yours, since every one took part.