Crowd Weather Indicator


The Crowd Weather Indicator is a measuring device. It is representing the actual weather based on twitter messages. An algorithm selects, only messages about good and bad weather. Further the measure radius is 25 km around the actual location of the device. The resulting differences between the good and the bad messages are represented on scale from -10 to 10. The numbers do not show the actual weather, but represent how the crowd of twitter users feel about it. The whole project is based on the theory of crowd intelligence. It means, that decisions and guesses are better or more accurate than individual and subjective ones. The mass is smarter than the individual. Weather is just one of many subjects you can use this system on. The crowd measure indicator can even be negative on a sunny day. Not the glance out of your window, but the collective decides about the weather.



crowd weather indicator (old video) from Peter Buczkowski on Vimeo.