An Affair of Fantasy and Desire


»People are rarely moved to action, support, or even consent by realistic proposals; they are motivated by dreams of what could be.« (Duncombe)

We often judge a book on its cover, a movie by its trailer or its synopsis. As designers we take part in shaping the everyday world, we live in. In history technological innovation has always contributed to social, cultural and poltical transfromation. A fact we have to bear in mind.

Imagine we were asked to create a new world, which would be a very ambitious undertaking, what would this world look like? How should the idea of such a world be presented (before we buy it)? What would it need to convince us and other people to live in an alternative reality? What are the details we should pay attention to? And where should we leave it blurry? If we think of this as a movie-trailer for an alternative world, what should it address to get people involved? In this course we aim high and create glimpses of an alternative reality in more or less three images.