Smells Like


We find temporary spaces in many places in our lives.

We constantly seek to refuge in them.

For example, while we listen through our headphones and mp3’s stimulate one of our senses so much that we are just physically present in our current environment. Among the five senses, the sense of smelling is probably the most interesting one. You can only describe different odors by comparing them to a Situation or a place. You can’t name it straight like a color. Many memories, associations and emotional situations are associated with odors. For example, we remember how it smelled by our grandparents, or which perfume we applied on the first date.

You can use the press to create your own personal odors and take them with you to smell them wherever and whenever you want to. Even multiple layers are possible to create highs and lows during you smell them.

The pressed tablets are also very personal and can be meaningless for some or the one and only smell in others life.