Metalevel Scanner


Every location that we visit offers us a diverse number of landscapes, buildings, sights and people. All these places tell storys and carry informations. In the first place they are trails and remains of certain events of mankind and in general of which I like to think as some kind of activity indicators in space. But by now there is also huge variety of these indicators which are ubiquitous but hardly perceivable because they only exist in augmented space.




The Metalevel Scanner is a device which aims for an examination of the density of virtual information in physical spaces and to compare them. It hunts down these digital ghosts and traces in the shape of location based data. But instead of presenting or exorcising them they simply being summed up. Thus a high number might mark an interesting or fast moving place in the same way as a sight with a long history might be interesting for you or rather not. Because in the first place it is just the density of information. The interpretation is up to you. Visit your favorite places and compare them. Perhaps they share a density range. And maybe you discover even more interesting or beautiful places by range.


The hunt is on.