On Dizzy Rocks


“On Dizzy Rocks” is a generative sonic poem in which language is combined with rather abstract sounds. These two components are to create a sonic area of isolation. They form a whirl of thoughts, feelings and associations of someone trapped inside his or her mind. 33 verses in 8 parts describe that sort of emotional situation. Depending on randomness to some degree they overlap, repeat or keep still. Occasionally there are calls for somebody outside of the own mind, who could, for example by answering, help to escape the circle of reflexions.

Connected to different parts of the text there are smooth tones, either dark or dissonant, which are played not constantly but frequently and accompany the spoken words. There are five groups of those artificial sounds, including some sort of heartbeat, a very simple melody and different flittering or crystal-like tones.

A recording of “On Dizzy Rocks” was put into a cube which comes with a USB-output to connect it to a computer and a pair of headphones to listen to the piece right out of the box. The verses of the poem are scribbled all over the surface.

On Dizzy Rocks auf soundcloud