Liquid Poem

This project seeks to establish a relationship between the rivers in Colombia and my personal process as a migrant woman in Germany. By means of an audiovisual installation and through metaphors, I seek to honor my migratory process. Liquid Poems first explores the dualities and contrasts that means in more colloquial words in Spanish (echar raíz) meaning living far away and learning to “settle down” in other territories. The soundscape allows and invites the public to sit and feel the stories embedded in this paths, that I like to call rivers.

The poems blooms along with the chapters Roots, Seeds, Water and Mythos. The previous chapters connect the territories of here and there; which refers to the migratory movements between Colombia and Germany. Meanwhile Water is the metaphor I use to talk living between two shores/countries.

I feel the water as a media that allows me to navigate the emotional paths of traveling through spaces, memories, flavors, knowledge, and most important learning to build a home on both shores. Although the installation is a brief invitation to my personal history, it also invites to understand the second narrative object with the flying seeds, which evokes the sense of having the ability to fly and decide to “make roots” in different territories. The project seeks to recreate a fragile, sensitive and personal space of the migration processes involved in moving or being moved by the external and internal water we all have.