The descriptions of the world at present is manifested in narrative and written forms where human beings play the role of the interpreter. The appearance of the world holds even more signals awaiting deciphering. In the material world there are innumerable natural orders that structure the environment and the world in which we live. The interpretation of these orders does not belong to a specific species or time, but is like an eternal existence, hidden in every corner.

HIDDEN ORDERS series is a project that explores the order of natural objects hidden in the environment, in this version, two installations and corresponding video installation on the theme of liquids are presented.

Microstructural Machine is inspired by the experimental model of a foam raft proposed by Nobel Laureate William Lawrence Bragg in 1947 and extended to construct a real-time dynamic microstructure machine. This machine uses bubbles that simulate the structural properties of atoms as drawing units, and creates a miniature landscape by controlling the dynamic interlacing of cells.

Crystalline Machine is a machine that quickly cools a liquid at room temperature to make it into a solid state. Through the thermoelectric effect, the surface of this machine can be cooled down to -10 °C in one minute, changing the liquid from a liquid state to a solid state rapidly. Through a controlled cooling and warming process, the liquid solids and liquids are continuously intertwined, slowly sculpting fluid sculptures with a temporal dimension.

These two works, one extremely dynamic and the other one is slow and quiet, share the same fluid but show different aspects. In addition to showing the similarities and differences of the same material through physical interaction. The environment in the exhibition space and the subtle changes (temperature, humidity, etc.) brought by the viewer also influence the appearance of the orders hidden in the material.

These order or dynamics may be described by adjectives such as crowding, merging, compatibility, mutual exclusivity, unity, and flow, but these dynamics, without the emotional descriptions, are merely phenomena caused by physical changes. It’s as if we humans are tiny units in this complex order, and there is no difference between the microscopic and macroscopic scales. We can be like a grain of sand on a beach, falling leaf in the autumn, a window in a skyscraper, a diode on a circuit board, a number jumping on the screen, just a small unit.

HIDDEN ORDERS series is not intended to erase the uniqueness of the unit. Rather. It wishes to explain and reinterpret the order of our entire world from a more macroscopic and physical perspective.