RAYARRAY is a kinetic light installation that reflects emergent collective agency by exploring generative choreographies. It is fully modular and can be adapted into any space and configuration.

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RAYARRAY consists of an ARRAY of nodes that carry either a rotating mirror or a laser diode emitting a RAY. The rotation of the mirrors creates an emergent light sculpture, sometimes chaotic, sometimes organized.
The ARRAY, which in computer science describes an arrangement or field of multiple of the same (or even different) types is a reflection on communal behaviors, since the resulting patterns of RAYS emerge from either collective or individual actions.

The light as a source of information is constantly reflected between individual nodes to generate a perceivable pattern. A space of possibilities emerges from obscurity. The longer the system is observed, the more distinctive and recurring the
patterns become, only to be broken into disarray again. Not the entities themselves are the critical element, but the emerging relations determine a system. After all, the surfacing patterns cannot persist without the individual.