SS 2023

Tracing Resistance

Tracing Resistance is an archive conceptualized as a Gesamtkunstwerk. It consists of a three-dimensional quilt blanket, sound installation, and the […]

Turn off the Moon

“Turn off the Moon” is a temporary interactive installation that centers on one streetlamp near the entrance to Waller Park […]


61.4223 offers a possibility of experiencing the moment of contemplative observation of transformed landscape. The sculptures of an open pit […]


RAYARRAY is a kinetic light installation that reflects emergent collective agency by exploring generative choreographies. It is fully modular and […]


Leksi Mish · README Inspired by Brandon LaBelle’s _Sonic Agency_ (2018), I wanted to make a sound installation that explores […]


History has no definition of the rave. Rave was a project that wanted to escape documentation <-> We live in […]

Lucid Dreaming in VR

Ordinary dreams and lucid dreams through interaction in VR Documentation of Schasna a link This project explores the potential of virtual […]

Recursive Emergence

A camera, aimed at a white wall, captures the scene and relays it to multiple projectors. These projectors then cast […]

Automata Universalis

Automata Universalis beschäftigt sich mit der Frage ob unser Universum und unser Handeln deterministisch ist und ob man unter Einbezug […]