wo das ich sich entscheidet

Skin is liminal. Skin enables the body, yet it complicates it. It is active and passive at the same time. Skin is sensitive to touch, whereby it simultaneously touches. Skin is porous. It is a storage, however fading.

‌”The human is permanently suspended between being the cause and the effect, between designing living systems and being designed by them. What is human in the end is neither the designer nor the artifacts but their interdependency”
Colomina & Wigley

“wo das Ich sich entscheidet” is a performance, in which I examine the relationship between the human and the artifacts it creates. Activating the performance, I rest my arm within a self-built apparatus. Human and machine are thus positioned in an intertwining setup. At its core, the structure holds a tattoo machine. Capable of moving the tattoo machine in a three-dimensional space, the apparatus moves the needle along a randomized predetermined path. The distance, the undefined space between the needle and my skin, extending and contracting, becomes the field of mutual exchange, with the needle piercing through the threshold of my skin being the most radical moment in this negotiation of contact. Vulnerability, the opening of the porous epidermis to the needle, the apparatus, the touch as vice versa reveals what could be described as the act, in which the world opens. This moment is irreversibly inscribed into my skin – it is stored.

[You can find the complete thesis here.]


Special thanks to:

Photos: Julia Preiß
Camera: Lennard Schmitt
Editing: Nevena Savić