History has no definition of the rave. Rave was a project that wanted to escape documentation <-> We live in a time where everything is documented.

This is a documentation that should not exist.

For example, there was a reading of my bachelor thesis: something that is fully experienced in the moment. The reading was recorded in its entirety three times as far as I know: On a local computer, on the server through which it was streamed, by a person in the audience with a recorder they brought with them.

There was a central light installation: RAYARRAY – also part of the Bachelor thesis. I guess RAYARRAY is also documented in detail somewhere else on this website. At the entrance everybody was told not to take any pictures or videos. In the following days dozens of friends sent me pictures and videos.

And finally, I cannot deny it: I bear the greatest responsibility myself. I shaped this project. I set the reality in place, so that it began to exist. By the way, some posters are still hanging out. As paper on the wall. Or sent around the world as electronic digits on a display. Posters revealing all the details.

So, this is what is left: Images which now appear without reference. A non-documentation. Material without content. Because the meaning of this project could only be found back then, at that time in this one place. Maybe.