RESISTANCE – Dealing with the Self and the Collective

Resistance works on different levels. It arises on a personal and emotional level, namely, the struggle and self-work within oneself. Resistance also emerges amidst the ever-increasing political and social problems of our time, accompanied by a pervasive sense of world-weariness. It is crucial to consider resistance from both a collective and individual standpoint. Who comprises the „I,“ and who constitutes the „we“? As time passes, we find ourselves consumed by self-doubt and uncertainties about the world. What lies ahead for us? How does aging impact our lives? Where is our society headed? What are the consequences of the ongoing climate catastrophe if we continue on our current path? How many more wars will we encounter? And how should we confront the rise of right-wing populism?

My booklet, consisting of 90 pages, delves into these questions. It is a collection of collages based on poems and song lyrics. Within its pages, I explore fundamental political and social issues, as well as the resistance within myself – drawing inspiration from socially critical artists who have examined the essence of human existence and the different realities of life in our society.