Student Council

Digital Media students have organised themselves in a council, actively engaging for and with the student community in the programme, in its committees and structures.

At the University of the Arts Bremen the students council for Digital Media is constituted as FSR Digital Media (Fachschaftsrat), at the University Bremen as StugA Digital Media (Studiengangsausschuss). Both councils of the inter-university programme will cooperatively work together, forming a joint council, with plenary sessions at both locations. The Digital Media councils are closely working together with the university-wide student representations and councils at University of the Arts and University.

All active student council members and committee representatives are available to Digital Media students.

Joint mailing list and contact address:

This pages is listing currently elected / delegated students, representing in committees and bodies of the schools and the programme.

Auf dieser Seite werden die aktuell gewählten bzw. entsandten Personen aufgelistet, die die Studierendenschaft in den verschiedenen Gremien der Hochschulen und des Studiengangs vertreten.

Joint Committee Digital Media (GbA: gemeinsam beschließender Ausschuss)

Website with minutes, members and dates (within HfK-Portal)

The joint committee is having 12 seats * 4 professors (Hochschullehrerinnen) – 2 from HfK, 2 form Uni – including chair * 4 scientific staff (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen) – 2 from HfK, 2 form Uni * 4 students – 2 from HfK, 2 form Uni

In decisions concerning teaching and research directly, professoral votes are counted with 2,5 times. (See BremHG §97: “[…] In Angelegenheiten, die die Forschung und Lehre unmittelbar berühren, muss die Hochschullehrergruppe über die absolute Mehrheit der Stimmen verfügen. […]”

Members of the GbA are elected in the department councils at University (Fachbereichsrat FB 3) at HfK (Fachbereichsrat KuD) independently.

Persons representing the students enrolled at University Bremen (1 vote Bachelor + 1 vote Master):

Replacement positions:

Persons representing the students enrolled at University of the Arts Bremen (1 vote Bachelor + 1 vote Master):

Replacement positions:

Study Commission (StuKo) Digital Media – at HfK only

Examination Board Bachelor (BPA: Bachelor-Prüfungsausschuss)


Examination Board Master (MPA: Master-Prüfungsausschuss)

(elected 2019-11-18)


Faculty- and university-wide bodies and representational structures

Digital Media students might be also be elected to one of the faculty councils (Fachbereichsräte) at FB 3 or FB KuD, the academic senate (Akademischer Senat) at Uni or HfK, the university-wide student council (Studierendenrat) at Uni or HfK or active in the General Students Committee (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss / AStA) at Uni or HfK.