The Joint Committee of Digital Media (GbA) is the top committee of the study program. It is made up of representatives of the two universities: teachers, students and scientific staff. They are elected by the specific committees of each university. Meetings are hold every second month and they are public. Petitions have to be passed in one week before. Meeting agendas are often affected by organization of the study program. E-mail address of the Joint Committee Digital Media (GbA)

Members of the Joint Committee: Gabriel Zachmann, Udo Frese, Tanja Döring, Rainer Malaka, Dennis Paul, Peter von Maydell, Tanja Diezmann, Andrea Sick, Jukka Boehm, Markus Walthert, Tim Laue, Robert Porzel, Nuri Ovüc, Julia Vollmer, Viacheslav Romanov