Student Council

Digital Media students have organised themselves in a council, actively engaging for and with the student community in the programme, in its committees and structures.

At the University of the Arts Bremen the students council for Digital Media is constituted as FSR Digital Media (Fachschaftsrat), at the University Bremen as StugA Digital Media (Studiengangsausschuss). Both councils of the inter-university programme will cooperatively work together, forming a joint council, with plenary sessions at both locations. The Digital Media councils are closely working together with the university-wide student representations and councils at University of the Arts and University.

All active student council members and committee representatives are available to Digital Media students.

Joint mailing list and contact address:

FSR Members (elected 2020-11-26)

Replacement positions are in brackets ().

StugA members

Unfortunately the StugA has not been newly constituted, so there is no active StugA at the moment. If you want to change that, write an email to !

FSR and StugA members are elected by the student assembly in an open and public vote. (During covid the students at HfK voted via postal voting.) Usually members are elected for one year.

You don’t need to be elected to engage. The council tries to be have an open and transparent structure. Join anytime and contribute!