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Computers have expanded into more and more areas of life. They are already omnipresent in many parts of our private and professional everyday life.

While personal desktop computers (PCs) have been playing a major role over the last decades, today a shift from classical desktop computers towards distributed, mobile, and embedded devices is becoming apparent, computerizing the users environment. The way people interact with their environment using this digital media poses a number of challenges for modern computer science.

These challenges are subject of active scientific research under a couple of different keywords: Mobile Computing, Ambient Intelligence, Ubiquitous Computing, or Pervasive Computing. While focussing on slightly different aspects, all these areas of research share the fundamental question, how digital media can be shaped in the future to the benefit of the user and how applications can be mapped to the new technological possibilities.

Within the Graduate School Digital Media these topics shall be researched following an application-oriented approach and according to their interdisciplinary nature. Scholarship holders will be accompanied by an integrated course program featuring topics from adjacent disciplines.

Advances in Digital Media

Funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation


Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka
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Besides the University of Bremen, the Graduate School Digital Media works in close cooperation with following organizations:

HfK Bremen (University Of The Arts)
Hochschule Bremen
EML Research, Heidelberg
European Media Laboratory, Heidelberg

Research Program

Application areas

The subject areas of the Graduate School Digital Media on the one hand are very scientifically demanding and on the other hand they are also of immense practical relevance.

The field of research is divided into the following application areas: