Type 0+


Based on the technological advancement and the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize, the ’Kardashev Scale’ categorizes our civilization in different types.
According to this scale, our current civilization is still a ‘Type 0’.
To become ’Type I’, it needs to be able to use all available energy sources on the planet it inhabits.
As an attempt to do so, this project shows examples of how to utilize the animal world and the behavior and characteristics of individual animals as a possible energy source.

The examples are presented in a series of sketchbooks, where the last one is containing blank pages in the end for further ideas and thoughts.
In addition to each example there is also some space left to do calculations.
Even though the amount of the harvested energy is oftentimes very low, it was important for me to find out the amount of it as precise as possible.
Type 0+ is more of a impulse than a solution, to consider different and usexplored areas for future energy production.









[vimeo 114235265]