Runway Descend – Simulating the Presentation of the Simulated

The first simulation starts within the mind. But where is the destination?

In this project, the creation and instalment of a video installation Runway Descend are my experiments for finding potential new understanding of virtual simulation and the commonly seen more concrete physical installations. The installation consists of two major sections, one part being the three monitors located in front of the two camping chairs on one side of the exhibition space. The monitors show a recording of two people’s conversations. The other part is the video projection onto the opposing wall at the back side of the chairs. Two looping verticle videos are played via the projector as visual representations of the two important scenes(simulation models) mentioned in the dialogue from the video played through the monitors. The chairs are positioned corresponding to the position of the hidden chairs and characters in the video. Underneath the two seats is the audio of the dialogue played through the speakers, creating a first-person experience.

The first section of the installation consists of three Verticle Monitors placed side by side to present single footage. The two physical gaps between the monitors correspond to the gaps in the shown video loops.

The second major part of the installation is the video loops played through the projector. The idea is to make a repetitive scenery mentioned in the dialogue, in which the objects mentioned repeatedly show up over and over through a seamless loop. For now, the two loops are a looping forest runway and a never-ending airfield runway.

The physical exhibition serves as a physical presence of its prior simulations.

An interactive simulation was built and presented during the later stage of this project.

Environment Outside the simulated exhibition space.

Recording of Physical presentation and a simulation of and within

Full documentation of the project.

Written part of the thesis