In our overly intensifying cities space is becoming more and more a limited resource. Self supplying becomes hard since not everyone has the space for growing food, although we wish for food that does not have to travel around the world to reach us. Especially in small flats self supply is impossible due to lacking space. Furniture does occupy a lot of space in every flat which could be used more efficiently. This lead me to my opening question for my project whether furniture can be turned into practical, effective, personal gardens.

My answer to this question is Plantable, a modular furniture system which can hold smart planters which are taking care of the plant nursing and are giving feedback of the plants status via a corresponding app. It is a system which is perfectly fitting into any flat just by the user creating the furniture in the sizes, shapes and styles he needs. Therefore it is ideally suited for the use in small urban flats. It is completely customizable in its configuration. Furthermore it offers space in the table plate to either store stuff that would otherwise fly around on the table or hold one planter which could hold any plant you like so it is right there were you need it, on the table ready for your next meal.

Since the system is completely modular through its durable but still exchangeable connections between plastic connectors and aluminium profiles it is possible to built any sort of furniture. If the right parts are at hand a kitchen table can be rearranged as a nice small couchtable or a kitchen rack for example. For reusing the removed and unused tiles they are all equipped with hangers which are embedded into one side so you can hang them similiar to a Lack shelf from Ikea to use also the empty vertical space of you flat efficiently for planting or storing things.