(MY) REALITY consists of 9 abstract AR sculptures created using semantic data from 9 corpora of text. All corpora treated the topic of ‘reality’ through one unique perspective: ancient Greek philosophy, constructivism, reality TV, lyrics in popular music, modern French philosophy, VR & AR technologies, magical realism in literature, physical sciences and realism in art. The mined data from the 9 corpora was later analyzed and used to modify and characterize each sculpture in a unique way.

The exhibition is to visualizes how information filter bubbles, separated realities, are created by the employment of multiple algorithms. Web crawlers, system scores, sentiment analysis and semantical similarities were used to create each sculpture. The project aims to tackle the idea that the reality experienced by each individual is different depending on the informational eco-chamber where they are found. And it criticizes how this constructed reality has been radicalized by modern digital information technologies.