Metadoors is a try, to find and visualize information hidden in everyday life, something simple as a door. While everyone transfers rooms hundreds of times a week, even small information such as color or the time in which doors have been passed form a set of interesting values.

Metadoors is based on the participation of its users: Everyone can collect his personal set of data, by taking a photograph of every door he or she passes for a full week. The camera should be digital and automatically tag each photo with a date, a time and optionally with a location.

Metadoors creates a number of sets that sort the doors by different criteria. Every visualization emphasize different aspects of information that can be extracted from the photos. In each set the user can toggle different filters, such as a color or brightness representation.

In total, Metadoors is the try to extract as much information as possible from a everyday routine. The very different visualizations and sets of doors represent a lot more information than what can be seen in a single photo. Today, a lot of these apparently meaningless actions are recorded everywhere, online or by surveillance.



[vimeo 26668043]