I!&3_OCR – typographic experiments on human-only legibility

This project is a series of typographic experiments with OpenType and Variable Fonts technologies revolving around the prompt of human-only legibility, defying the recognition by the optical character recognition (OCR) systems. Simply explained, the goal is developing a typeface, which is only readable by humans and any attempt to recognise a text set in this typeface using OCR tools will produce incorrect results. The project includes three typographic experiments with OpenType technology and testing results for developed OCR-resistant fonts.

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Resolution Display VF, all-capitals display font with one axis of variation, which ‘dissolves’ its rather limited letterform characteristics in the rectangular shape.

The typeface design of Disruption Monospace VF utilises the principle of closure (Reification) in visual design, which states that human minds prefer complete shapes, so we automatically fill the gaps between elements to perceive a complete image.

Disorientation Sans VF is a two-axis variable font, which relies on the human ability of spatial reasoning. It explores the potential of contextual rotation and displacement of glyphs, using Open Type features.