Heritage is an interactive location-based AR app which can show old historical images of different locations in the cities. The mobile app by displaying clickable location marks visually on top of landmarks makes user able to access old images of the selected landmark. The idea is creating a location-based portal for people accessing old historical images of places and by being located on the surrounded area of places. For having more interaction and immersive experience the project implemented over Augmented Reality and work base on user location. The user location has been detected by GPS coordinates through the smartphone and depending on user location, orientation user can see location marks through AR. The project run over an AR location-based platform which I already implemented and can be used for different types of projects. There are sort of interactions that can help to have a better conformation or creating a mixed view between old images and the real world through AR experience.

The concept of the visual wall inside the app is used to present old images of selected landmarks and through creating different visual walls a timeline of landmarks can be made. Through the project, users can have a more immersive experience by interacting with the visual wall. The interaction part is not limited to merely on-screen gestures even changing location, movements or rotation toward each axis could be sort of interaction. There are differently defined gestures for users to apply changes on the visual walls like pinching for scaling the images, holding and moving visual walls or phone to relocation visual walls. Also, they are able to change the opacity through a slider and have a combination of old images and the real live world view.

Old historical images and videos were taken by ancestors could be kept in old boxes and albums just as a memorable object or it could be used in an interactive way and help people to feel the history. Heritage project is the way to use old images in an interactive way and help people to have an immersive feeling by looking at old pictures. You can see the promo video about the Heritage project.