Gemeinsame Sachen

GEMEINSAME SACHEN is a collaborative fashion design online-tool that is practically existing as a brand. Each collection is based on a graphic mean, with the help of which users create a collaborative clothing series starting the work from a basic t-shirt. For the first collection this mean is the way of changing the outline of the shirt using the dots on the key-points of the outline. That is why the first collection

Whenever a user enters the «gemeinsame sachen» tab there emerges a “tree”, which has a basic t-shirt as its root and different shirt variations already created by other users as branches. A logged in user is able to start a new branch of t-shirts or to continue one of the existing ones.

After all the design process is finished, the shirt is saved to the database. It is possible to order the production of any shirt from the “tree”.
The logo of the brand changes as well and gets as many changes as the selected clothing piece got comparing to the basic t-shirt. The result of the collaborative work could be seen in a lookbook after the collection is finished.