Fast Food Diary – A less serious self-monitoring app


The Fast Food Diary is an iPhone self-monitoring app, which focus’ rather on fun than on serious counting calories. This app enables users to add several different fast food items fast and interactive to a private database, just using different multitouch gestures. The users can choose from a selection of eight different foods – Germanys most popular fast food items.

The section Add Food enables the user to easily drag these foods and drop them over the plus. This adds them to the database. However, if the the user first wants to adjust the size he can double tap an icon and afterwards he can swipe up on the screen to increase or swipe down to decrease the foods size. Furthermore it is possible to arrange the food icons according to personal preferences. Additionally the user can delete wrong entries or add a photo to an entry. The collected data will be shown visually enhanced inside of different infographics and a timeline.


Inside the Infographics comparissons are the focus for the eight different food categories. For example the length of all eaten noodles lined up is compared to the height of the Eiffel Tower. Furthermore interesting, but also trivia facts related to the chosen category are displayed, like: “The hamburger came up during the time of the industrialisation, where people had less time to prepare as well as to consume meals” or “Restauranteur Domenico Crolla created with ingredients like lobster, edible gold and finest caviar the most expensive Pizza. Auctioned for 2,150£ to charity.” Within the combined section it is possible to view the distribution of the different categories and see information about your favorite consumption time, average time between fast food, amount of different places of consumption and the average distance between the places the user ate fast food.


The Timeline displays all entered fast food items. In this section the user can – with the help of a pinch gesture – switch between a date based overview and a more detailed view. Within the detailed view the place of consumption and optionally a taken photo by the user is displayed.


Finally I want to say, that Easter Eggs are also included in the concept. They should create surprising moments and attach the user emotionally. Furthermore they underline the not very serious tone of the whole app and loosen up everything a little. The easter eggs include among others feedback to regularly usage, warnings if too much food is added at once and unlocking coloured icons, as shown in the video. Examples of the as well in the video shown hidden quotes are: “Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.” from Pulp Fiction and “And I don’t cook, either. Not as long as they deliver pizza.” of Tiger Woods.

Easter Eggs Demo

Promo Video