Die erweiterte Privatsphäre – Zimmer Frei. 12 m² möbliert

aab-die_erweiterte_privatsphaere-01 Inspired by Manovich’s theory of the “Augmented Space”, the installation is two-parted: A physical space and its virtual representation, displayed on a computer monitor. The physically accessible part presents the minimum interior of a furnished room as RFID chips, which are scanned periodically, like the searching eye of the beholder. Their information is shown on a small LCD screen: desk, chair, and mattress. The computer monitor, in front of the physically defined room, shows a 360° interactive representation of the displayed space. There you can see the furniture in it’s actual nature. aab-die_erweiterte_privatsphaere-02 The amount of RFID chips used in this arrangement is dedicated on dutch regulations for “squatting”. Until October 2010 you could stay in a house legally by installing a desk, chair, and mattress. The theoretical approach to “Zimmer frei, 12 m² möbliert” is manifested through the thesis “the augmented privacy”. aab-die_erweiterte_privatsphaere-03 aab-die_erweiterte_privatsphaere-04 aab-die_erweiterte_privatsphaere-05 aab-die_erweiterte_privatsphaere-06