Charge is a Board Game which uses the technology of Augmented Reality. It reminds on a classic 1on1 Board Game like Chess or Go but it combines classical analogue Gameplay with technology. You have to use a Computer or a similiar Device with an attached Camera to watch the current correct statuses and scores of the game.

The Device calculates the Distances of Tokens and draws the charge of each Token combined with the Marching Square Algorithm, which were used to combine the Tokens. By rotating the Token the player is able to regulate the charge of each Token. The view angle from the player is inherit and independent. By Placing the tokens and regulating the charge of the tokens the Players have to defeat each other. A player looses a Token if the combined charge of the other Players Tokens overlaps the charge of of the own Token. The Game is over when a player looses all tokens.

This Work was done as a part of a Course at the HfK. The Game was realized by Malte Buttjer, David Friedrich and me with the C++ Framework »Openframeworks« on a Macintosh. There are plans for the future to port the game to Mobile Devices.