Your Voice Sounds Like Rain To Me

YVSLRTM is an interactive machine translating text or messages into a rain simulation. It creates a platform of communication which can be perceived not only visually and acoustically. You can feel it, experience it, actively participate in the haptic perception of words.

Rain can be perceived differently depending on its intensity and other parameters. Likewise, the machine not only converts the typed letters into drops of water, furthermore it transmits what the author plants in his text through rhythm and intensity of typing. Various components within the machine create sounds, which form a rhythm determined by the user. A new, mechanical rain sound is made.

Frequent typing can cause an accumulation of water, provoking an overflow at the edge of the machine. This process is open to interpretation, but can be understood as an abundance of information as a result of digital communication.

Being created in this era, YVSLRTM creates a context, an environment in which words can be experienced intensively and lets you be properly engaged in communication.