Working for Wes Anderson


Working for Wes Anderson is an unconventional job application for Wes Anderson. Chinese artist Youyou Yang creates a set of four unofficial trailers for his film The Grand Budapest Hotel four months before its official release. In the alternative trailers, the original story is reconstructed in metaphors via fragments and relics collected from the making of the film and anecdotes told by local residents in the town of Görlitz.





Travelling to Görlitz, the artist puts herself in the roles of an archaeologist and a detective. She dug out the remains of the set and collected anecdotes told by local residents involved in the production of the film. Through the analysis of these raw materials, the film was reconstructed from outside in an inside perspective while keeping the reconstructions as close to the original as possible.


Full Documentation – Performance, 36:01 min, HD, 17th April, 2014

[vimeo 93385116]

Trailer A – Video, 01:31 min, HD, 9th October, 2013


Trailer B – Video, 03:01 min, HD, 15th October, 2013


Trailer C – Video, 01:52 min, HD, 17th October, 2013


Trailer D – Video, 02:29 min, HD, 21th December, 2013


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