Sonidos Perdidos


[vimeo 33668414]

Experimental Short about Lost Sounds. Sonidos Perdidos is an abstract Audio Video Collage. A bunch of individuals perform in the abstract/concrete Imagery of Fuerte Ventura. The Key Theme is the interaction between the actors and the surrounding environment. In short scenes every actor expresses his understanding of his improvised role adapted to the changing setting. This Video was produced during the Bachelor Project at the University of the Arts Bremen. The filming was done in Fuerte Ventura Spain.

Editing by Christoph Jentzsch //
Editing by Moritz Richartz //
Supervised by Joachim Hofmann //


Thorsten Marquard / Henrik Nieratschker
Marcel Helmer / Jiyeon Nam / Jonas Otto /
Wioleta Maj / Kittikorn Worawitayakran /
Martyna Kwasniewski / Malgorzata Kusak /
Benjamin Pauer / Christian Stephan /
Moritz Richartz / Christoph Jentzsch /
Joachim Hofmann

Screened at Look at Beethoven 2011 Filmfestival // Bonn, Germany