“To see the world with different eyes” – Of course it’s the dream of many. The iOS app NEW REALITY gives you the opportunity to see the world with a quite different view . Choose one of the interesting modes and start a journey into a strangely unknown reality.

The user of the iOS app NEW REALITY wears his iPhone in VR glasses on the head. The app takes the camera image of the iPhone and changes it in real time. The user looks the world through his iPhone camera and re-experiences it in a completely different visually way.

By changing the mode you could choose the way of reality-changing.

Social Package

Time Mode

The Time Mode gives the user the opportunity to decide how long he wants to see a moment (picture). Using slider, he can set the time from 0.5 seconds/image to 10 seconds/image and could decide how long and detailed he wants to deal with this one snapshot.

Face Concentration

With the Face Concentration Mode the user has the opportunity to focus on the essentials in our very fast world: on people and their emotions. Through facial recognition, only those areas are sharp in which faces are visible. All other areas are blurred.

Motion Concentration

With the Motion Concentration Mode, the user-concentration he get with the Face Concentration Mode is much more increased. Only the areas in the image are displayed in sharp focus, in which 1. faces must be seen and 2. they must be in motion. This mode allows to find relaxation and to hide the environment. If something happens that could be of importance to the user (a person is moving toward him), the concentration is put on it.

Trailer (german)