My Electronic Child


My Electronic Child‹ is a series of playful ( and sometimes comic ) accessories for the Apple MacBook, depicting and commenting the intimacy, that has secretly evolved between us and our electronic devices. Observing our behaviour towards electronic devices, mobile phones and computers in particular, it frequently resembles the interactions we know from child-care. We recharge a device as if we feed it. We put it into sleepmode rather then switching it off. We pacify it when we need a quite moment. We carry it around because it can’t yet walk. As if we are sublimating electronic complexity into social behavior. All accessories are simple low-tech hacks and modify the MacBook only in a non-permant, non-invasive way.

1 A blanket that puts the MacBook into sleep mode, when placed onto the keyboard.

2 A pacifier that mutes the MacBook’s outgoing audio signal.

3 A baby bottle once attached to the MacBook’s power supply, recharges the computer only when tilted upsidedown.

4 A baby carrier that allows for transporting the MacBook in a secure position close to one’s body, observing it s sleep state and feeling it s warmth.