Moon Sense

The Moon Sense is a personal, sensory extension through cybernetics in the form of earrings. With the help of sensors and meticulously calculated data, they convey the distance, as well as the rotation of the moon (moon phase) as vibration to the ear lobes. The vibration is transmitted as soon as the head is aligned with the moon. This creates a feeling of emplacement on the earth and in the universe. It shifts the focus of the usual perceived, subjective reality by expanding your own senses, connecting the human body with the environment in a deeper way, which changes the understanding and behavior towards it. It challenges the self to incorporate a new perception into its own sensory perceptions. By exploring the question, if the human and machines are separable and if technology, which usually generates a form of distance towards the self and its surrounding, can bring the mind closer to its environment, this work crosses boundaries between inside and outside, human and machine, self and the universe.