LDR Grid MIDI Controller

This project is a grid-like MIDI controller which allows anyone to create and experiment with music, in a quite playful way. The machine consists of light-dependent resistors (LDR) grid which generates 16-step sound sequence. Light dependent sensors (each is an element of a sequence) send a MIDI message when they are covered, which allows to experiment with different materials, forms and light sources on controller’s surface.

Designed as a ‘plug-and-play’ device, the controller has a minimalistic surface and only the audio feedback from Ableton Live on user’s what helps to concentrate on a process of creating a sequence.

To use it, users just plug it in and start experimenting on its surface with ambient light, everyday objects or different materials (on a picture above – coloured plastic tiles). Once plugged in the device started to check LDRs on each column and send a MIDI message.