Is This Real Life?

Pop has long been a tool for mass consumption and fast acceptance within markets and groups. People do not question the utility or safety of a certain trend, as long as it is pop, it seems legit enough. But how fool do people look like once the mediocrity and shallowness of certain pop movements are revealed?

The collection is based on a japanese category of objects named Chindogu, which are inventions that although not useless are not the best solution for a problem. According to Kenji Kawakami in his book “101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions”, the japanese word Chindogu literally means an odd or distorted tool. The combination of the colorful, odd object and intense selling text shall dazzle the audience and make them actually want the product, only for latter to realize its uselessness.

The Thinking Ball

How wonderful would it be if you could get logical answers without the need to type? Now with the Thinking Ball you can. Simply adjust the headset Brainwave Reader to your forehead and hold the round device. The information will be scanned from your brain to the Thinking Ball. After processing the question and getting the solution, the answer is transferred to your brain back through the Brainwave Reader.


Perfect food shots are a must in every modern person life. But standing in the right position to be able to capture perfection is not only fatigating but also bad for your back and shoulders. Moreover, when you are done with the registration of this fine moment everyone will be enjoying it except you, that will be too busy eating it seeing from a boring angle. Now your problems are over: simply put on the googles and enjoy your meal viewing it from the angle it should be.

Friends Forever

Selfies are a must and selfie-sticks are there to save us all from these abnormal short arms. But nothing saves us from the natural deformation of our big heads, specially annoying in group selfies. The size of all theses heads together may ruin a perfect selfie and make your day and memories awful! Simply attach all helmets together and position yourself at the desired place. Take the photo and enjoy the perfect alignment of heads, if you fancy to show the landscape in your picture you can always place one empty helmet for that.


Is there anything more annoying than having strangers peaking during your skyping moment? Or being stared at on a café when you just want some privacy with the cozy smell of coffee and the noise of people, without having to see or interact with the noise making creatures. iCave will assure you this private moment to be real and only yours. With the foldable protection you are at ease anywhere.


Yes, sometimes interacting with people off screen is necessary, but does it have to be so annoying and quirky to approach someone and be approached? Or be talked to when you just want to stare at the wall and contemplate the meaning of life. Not if you are wearing the meSocial headset. With it you can change your social status right away through your smartphone and give the right signal to everyone and only socialize when you want to.