I have a dream, too


When old structures have to give way to new concepts, a chasm can appear between the new and its old-established surroundings. How could a modern neighborhood like Überseestadt be integrated in a better way? This project suggests a confrontational approach: The placement of surprising deviations into the perfect plan that allow for unexpected encounters and potentially unwanted engagements.

“Dreams are powerful. They are repositories of our desire. They animate the entertainment industry and drive consumption. They can blind people to reality and provide cover for political horror. But they also inspire us to imagine that things could be radically different than they are today, and then believe we can progress toward that imaginary world. I too have a dream.” – Stephen Duncombe (2007).


The Wash and Watch Überseestadt is an area surrounded and frequented by people with diverging backgrounds. But despite their differences, most people have a few things in common: They like being entertained, they like social encounters and they need to wash their clothing. The Wash and Watch integrates all these features and comes in useful especially for students and others who can‘t afford a washing machine. Besides that, it allows for outdoor movie nights and some interesting or relaxing hours outdoors. Who knows who you might come across next time you‘re enjoying an old novel while waiting for your clothes to dry?





The Family Park This is a place for families and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. There is plenty of space and hidden trails that invite for hours of adventure time, helium balloon flights or peaceful moments by the pond. Highlights are the giant playground ropeway through the local jungle as well as a Ferris Wheel Bar and Restaurant, in which you can enjoy private dining with refreshing drinks and breathtaking views.