Ghana Airways

Ghana Airways

Ghana Airways is an art research project investigating various characterisations of post-colonial identity and instances of hypernationalism through experimental interactions with oral knowledge. The work manifests as a series of sound episodes and a body of related essays that can be experienced through a web application.

The art research aims to arrive at some sonic expression of the complexity of post-colonial national identities by engaging with materials related to the use of sound in Ghanaian society in a sculptural sense (songs, performances, ceremonies, instruments, etc.), as such proposing an esoteric narrative, composed of fragments of different research subjects sequenced as a form of dialogue. The audience is asked to listen to the latent conflict experienced in considering one’s identity.

The project was supported by a Breathing Space Grant from Pro-Helvetia Johannesburg, resulting in a sculptural version. This version is submitted as my master thesis as a requirement for the fulfillment of a Master of Arts degree at University of the Arts Bremen, supervised by Dr. Petra Klusmeyer and Prof. Dennis Paul.

Please find the work here

Also released as podcast episodes on sound&researchcreation here

Hakeem Adam