Ghana Airways Test Flight [ep. One] – Modulations on the Fly #17

Ghana Airways is an ongoing multi-media investigation into the construction of national identity via a conversation with the archive. This Episode, One, manifests the sonic dimension of this ongoing research work, where Hakeem sequences fragments of his memory relating to the question of national identity as a sonic expression of archival material where fluid doubt and solid state reverberate.

With a Post-Colonial frame, Ghana Airways (an airline operated by the Republic of Ghana) serves as a staging for the exploratory use of archival material/media relating to Identity. The term archive, here looks beyond an expression of documented events but rather an outline of our feelings and thinking about these events.

The work borrows various technical mechanisms from the world of air travel. The composition is sequenced as a journey on Ghana Airways through the archive. The listener is in contact with fragments of figures, storms, questions, movements, all of which in some ways connect to what being Ghanaian is.

Ghana Airways Test Flight [ep. One], presented on sound&researchcreation (Modulations on the Fly series), forms part of Ghana Airways, an artistic research project by Hakeem Adam, produced with support from a Breathing Space grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg. This specific arrangement and presentation was conceptualized under the careful guidance of Petra Klusmeyer in the Digital Media program.

Please listen here