G.O.D. – Generic Order Device

G.O.D. is the search for equilibrium. The machine burdens itself with the impossible task of distributing a granular mass equally on a set space. Its process is therefore a representation of a lot of different processes which are balancing itself over time, like in physics, nature or in social systems. Like there the machine can never know the whole truth, it just works with the knowledge it can sense and also her option of actions are limited. Blinded by the fact that a perfect balance doesn’t exist, it continuously repeats the same patterns to balance the mass.

The machine consists of a plate which contains the granular mass loaded onto the machine. This plate is equipped with 63 photo resistors which measure the incoming light. With this limited information the machine tries to figure out a direction the plate needs to tilt so the mass is distributed equally. The plate is placed upon a linear joint and supported by three levers which are placed evenly underneath. Through these three lever the plate tilts into the calculated direction until the photo resistors measure a significant difference. This process continues endlessly.