Fool Me Once

Fool me once is a card game that challenges the player to make conscious choices during their personal navigation on the web. Taking its name from the popular expression Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, the game intends to raise awereness on the way we use the Internet and how we allow our data to be manipulated by showing the consequences our online behaviour can create. In this game, the player experiences what it’s like to browse the internet all alone, facing these questions by themselves and making choices along the way.


This project comes into existence after a reflection on the data collected during my own personal navigation on the Internet.
The data was collected using a modified version of the open-source advertisement filtering software uBlock Origin. The changes done to the browser extension allowed me to store the details regarding each page visited in a database for future analysis. Through the analysis on the compiled data it was possible to identify the types of content loaded on any webpage, such as text, images, adverts, trackers, and their respective quantities.
The results of the analysis were then mapped onto the card game, where the daily average of content loaded, adverts and trackers corresponds directly to number of cards in the game. Each one of the scenarios presented in the game is based on real current events.