Feedback from Cloud City and other Bird Stories

In Unound Writing*, I focused on the written documentation to my project titled Feedback from Cloud City and other Bird Stories. As part of the course that sought to enable participants to enact a writing that draws from the position of artistic practice in its proximity to theory, I developed a text specific to my project, where I discuss the theories and practice that support it. The writing and other research materials were then compiled in a self-produced zine. The release of the publication was marked by a live podcast, recorded in the AudioLab at HFK Bremen and aired on the Mixcloud channel sound&researchcreation curated by Dr. Petra Klusmeyer.

You can listen to the piece here.

For the podcast, I was joined physically by Konstanze Spät and remotely by Rami Abadir for a laid-back conversation about the concepts that sustain Feedback from Cloud City and other bird Stories and are delineated in the zine. Our talk covered, among other things, Marc Augè’s concept of ‘non-place’, Samuel Beckett’s Absurdism and Henri Bergson’s take on laughter and the comic. The talk culminated with a discussion about the intricate realities of today’s internet personas and our relationship with these entities.

Feedback from Cloud City and other Bird stories is an absurdist play in four parts. Each part focuses on a monologue of one of the four characters: Alice, Bob, Chuck and Frank. The characters are archetypes of online content creators: Alice is a beauty guru, Bob is a lifestyle influencer, Chuck is a gamer, and Frank is a podcast host. Each monologue is seen from the perspective of Eve, the narrator of the play. The project is published online in the form of a website at

The zine Feedback from Cloud City and other Bird stories is available upon request and will be published online in 2021 by Rife Magazine.