extending spaces


Due to Climate Change the sea level could rise dramatically. When it reaches the cities, our daily life could be dictated by the tide. In this scenario it will be necessary to spend more time in buildings, feeling the pressure of the water masses outside and the constriction of the crowded rooms inside. In this situation claustrophobic feelings will emerge more frequently and the ways to escape are blocked by the water.

Inspired by virtual reality exposition therapy we developed 3 objects extending the room in a visual, an acoustic and an olfactoric way. Goggles with wide angle lenses stretch the visual space of the room. A combination of earplugs and a microphone extend the acoustic space of the room by adding a real time hall effect. The last device changes the olfactoric perception of the room. A tube connected to the user’s nose allows him to sniff at a chosen capsule filled with odoriphores triggering memories of wide spaces.