Erwachte Synthese

Erwachte Synthese is a study into performative movement and sound. While two performers interact with six different components of a digital sound synthesis by tweaking and adjusting its modulation, all parts get physically separated. Data and parameters get transmitted by audio cables through a serial interface. Movement creates space for a spontaneous, hectic and elaborated composition.

This work tries to capture the momentum of pure entanglement within the act of synthesize an ideal sound. By eliminating the ability to have free rein on sound generating tools right at one’s position, a certain minimum distance has to be covered to achieve the planned alteration in sound. This condition causes a state of constant changing facets in movement, speed and direction.

Erwachte Synthese consists of 6 different Modules: MODULE 1 8 step sequencer, MODULE 2 effects and controls, MODULE 3 effects, MODULE 4 interval controls, MODULE 5 lfo synth, MODULE 6 drum machine

Each module’s interface is a collection of knobs mapped onto its functionality, two 3.5mm jacks for sending and receiving serial communication and a 3.5mm audio jack output.

Photos/Video: Julia Preiß and Leo Puhl

Performative support by Luka Jacke